One word to remove out of your vocabulary if you want to be a successful professional or an entrepreneur is ‘waiting‘. There are only a few occasions when you have no choice but to wait – board a train or plane, birthday, arrival of a friend or relative, being in a ‘waiting room’ at a hospital and so on. When it comes to growing professionally or building a successful enterprise, you move ahead only by “taking action.” When you take action, you are ‘leading’ and in the process creating a path to where you really want to go.

I have recently come across a great article by John Hagel & John Seely Brown about Serendipity, where the authors quote the famous Israeli Entrepreneur Yossi Vardi. “But serendipity doesn’t just happen in a serendipitous way,” says Yossi Vardi. “You have to work for it.” Hagel and Brown add: “Serendipity can be methodically, systematically shaped by our choices, behaviors, and dispositions.”

Choices, Behaviors and Dispositions involve ‘Taking Action’ not Waiting.

When you wait  –> you are watching time.

When you take action –> time is watching you.