Choosing who to fly with, to reach your destination….

February 29, 2012

Old proverb: Birds of the same feather flock together.

My version: Birds with the same destination fly together.

To reach your destination, it is very important to identify other people like yourself who share your destination or those who have already reached there. For example: if you want to be an entrepreneur, find other aspiring and serial entrepreneurs and hang out with them. Make them your peers and mentors. Share with them what you know, and learn from them what you don’t. Help others, be helped.

Think of life journey like getting on a bus. As long as the right people are in the bus with you who also wish to reach the same destination as you, the bus will reach its destination and with it you will reach yours too. Knowing which bus to catch comes from clarity of your vision and courage to take on the journey.

Coming back to birds, here is a nice video I came across….

2 Responses to “Choosing who to fly with, to reach your destination….”

  1. Ravi Limaye Says:

    Wow, This is great stuff. I would like to know more on mentorcolud

  2. prastish@gmail.com Says:

    Amazing! Thanks for sharing and being such an inspiration! I would like all my friends to learn more about MentorCloud!

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